Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you may need to know

If you have any other questions not listed in the FAQs here, or if you would like clarification on any of the items please do not hesitate to contact us at info@simplywed.co.za


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For our Marriage Officers to register your marriage at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) your current registered status at DHA needs to be correctly reflected (Single / Divorced / Widowed).

We cannot be held responsible for non-registration of marriage due to missing documentation; existing impediments to marriage on the Home Affairs system or incorrect information being supplied. (For instance: If you are currently divorced but your status still says ‘Married’ at DHA – meaning your divorce was not successfully captured by DHA).

Compulsory documentation (please email to info@simplywed.co.za and we will keep it in your file):

  • Copy of ID document/passport (Spouse A & Spouse B)
  • Completed information on supplied pdf document with marriage details
  • Copy of ID document (Witness A & Witness B)
  • Confirmation of marriage status & verification of finger prints (Spouse A & Spouse B – obtained by   you at your local Home Affairs. We will supply you with a letter to take with to DHA to obtain the above required information

To bring on the day:

  • 3 x ID photos B/W or colour (Spouse A & Spouse B / PLEASE BRING WITH YOU)
  • Left thumb print (Spouse A & Spouse B)

 Additional documentation (if applicable):

  • Confirmation of ANC (Ante-Nuptial contract) if not marrying In Community of Property a letter from your / our lawyer is required. Without an ANC you will automatically be married In Community of Property.)
  • Copy of Divorce decree (with clearly visible court stamp)
  • Copy of Death certificate
  • Proof of non-marriage / letter of non-impediment (Foreigners only)
  • Letter from Home Affairs Immigration Officer (Foreigners marrying a South African citizen only)
  • Copy of passport with visa (Foreigners only)
  • Bi-31 affidavit (if no ID book is available)

After we receive all the above needed documentation and conducted your wedding ceremony on your date of choice at our venue we will go in to DHA and hand in all paperwork for registration. Your marriage can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months to be registered on the DHA system. You can check your marital status (registration) by smsing the letter M followed by your ID number, e.g: (M860804044089) to 32551. A reply sms from the Department of Home Affairs will be sent back to you with your registered status. (This system is sometimes offline, so keep trying if the first time doesn’t work).

You will receive an A5 marriage certificate on the day of your wedding at the Simply Wed venue. (This document is legally binding and will suffice to obtain honeymoon travel discounts, changing your name etc.)  All your paperwork will then be handed in at DHA the following week for registration. As soon as your marriage has been registered on the DHA system you can then go to any DHA office and get an A4 printed abridged certificate on presentation of your ID book. Please let us know if you require an un-abridged marriage certificate (for immigration purposes) as you will need an additional stamped page from the registrar book that you would have signed on the day of your wedding. You will need to take this additional stamped page together with your A4 abridged certificate to DHA in order to apply for an unabridged certificate.

An Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC) is a contractual agreement between 2 parties before entering into a marriage. There are 3 basic options to get married available in South Africa:

In Community of property:

If you choose not to draw up an anti-nuptial agreement in South Africa then you will automatically be married ‘in community of property’. The state assumes that all assets and liabilities of both husband and wife are shared. It simply means that everything which is his is hers and everything which is hers is his.


  • If one of you gets into financial trouble, creditors have a claim against both of you.
  • There is also no financial independence; if the wife wants to open a clothing account, the husband has to sign the account application; if the husband wants to buy a car, the wife has to sign too. Every business transaction requires the consent of both parties.
  • If one partner should die, the estate of both the deceased and surviving partner will be wound up because it is a joint estate – not great for the surviving partner who will find themselves in legal limbo for a while.


  • on death or divorce, the estate is divided equally

ANC without accrual:

Assets acquired before or during the marriage remain separate throughout the course of the marriage. Assets are not shared and each partner has a separate estate.


  • if one of you goes insolvent, creditors may not attach the assets of the other; in other words you get to keep your home folks.
  • each of you are legally obliged to offer financial support to one another should one of you be unable to support himself/herself


  • in the case of death or divorce, you are entitled only to those assets you have accrued in your name. Should one of you choose to stay at home to raise children, that partner would not be entitled to the assets accumulated by the other partner

ANC with accrual (RECOMMENDED):

Each partner states the value of their respective assets at the beginning of marriage. Thereafter any assets are shared 50/50. One can state that specific assets be excluded from the accrual, such an inheritances, donations etc. Most marriages (9 out of 10) are ANC with accrual.


  • you both share in the wealth accumulated during marriage
  • if each of you owned property before the marriage, it remains in your respective names
  • you each conduct your own independent financial affairs
  • if one of you goes into debt, it cannot be claimed from the estate of the other
  • in the case of divorce, any assets made whilst married are shared – it doesn’t matter who acquired them; each partner’s current net asset value is calculated by subtracting all liabilities from assets
  • it protects the partner who remains at home to care for the family

This is where the fun part starts and where the legal stuff and documents are out of the way. Yay! The type of ceremony is entirely up to you (This is after all your day).

   Technically there are 3 sets of vows:

  • Legal vows (e.g. Do you know of any reason why you cannot marry this person?) These unfortunately we cannot skip
  • Religious vows (This can be Christian vows or it may include a Pagan hand binding or lighting of unity candles) It is entirely up to you to include these or not.
  • Personal vows (This is something you would write / read / recite yourself) It is entirely up to you to include these or not. If you chose to do so you will be prompted when to do so during the ceremony.

    Whatever you choose to include in your ceremony you will be guided by our MO’s every step of the way. So please don’t stress, you are in good hands!

    Wedding time lines would depend on the Package Option you select. Please see a breakdown below:

    Note: All package start times are 10:00 in the below breakdown as an example only.

    Elopement (30 minutes total)

    • 10h00 to 10h30:  Couple to arrive already dressed with their 2 witnesses. Ceremony and paperwork to be concluded within 30 minutes.

    Special Elopement (1 hour and 15 minutes total)

    • 09h45 to 10h00:  Couple and photographer to arrive. Bride is welcome to get dressed in the bridal dressing room for some “bridal portrait” and “getting ready” photos.
    • 10h00 to 10h30: Guests arrive and ceremony and paperwork is concluded (Ceremony, signing and confetti photos).
    • 10h30 to 11h00:  Enjoy some bubbly or a cup of tea (Couple photos and Guest photos).

    Ceremony Only (2 hours and 30 minutes total)

    • 09h30 to 10h00:  Couple and photographer to arrive. Bride is welcome to get dressed in the bridal dressing room for some “bridal portrait” and “getting ready” photos. And the groom is welcome to put drinks and ice down in the prepped self-service bar area on the front patio.
    • 10h00 to 11h00: Guests arrive and ceremony and paperwork is concluded (Ceremony, signing and confetti photos) As there are more guests as with the previous package we allow some time for everyone to arrive and settle in before start time.
    • 11h00 to 12h00:  Enjoy some drinks and nibbles / cake on the front patio (Couple photos and Guest photos).

    Ceremony and Reception (5 hours total)

    • 09h30 to 10h00: Couple and photographer to arrive. Bride is welcome to get dressed in the bridal dressing room for some “bridal portrait” and “getting ready” photos. And the groom is welcome to put drinks and ice down in the prepped self-service bar area on the front patio. Bring your bridesmaids and use this time to add some extra décor touches if you wish.
    • 10h00 to 11h00:  Guests arrive and ceremony and paperwork is concluded (Ceremony, signing and confetti photos) As there are more guests as with the previous package we allow some time for everyone to arrive and settle in before start time.
    • 11h00 to 12h00:  Enjoy some drinks on the front patio (Couple photos and Guest photos).
    • 12h00 to 13h00: Lunch is served! Speeches, cutting of cake and first dance (Photos of all happenings).
    • 13h00 to 14h00:  Relaxing with guests and some more party / fun photos.

    Example times to be adjusted if an afternoon time slot has been selected (same time line breakdown to be followed).

    If you do not want to make use of our included standard décor and would like to set up your own décor, you are more than welcome to do so. Please make use of the additional time allocated before the ceremony and package start time to do so. Please also ensure that your décor has been taken down by the end of your selected package’s allocated time.

    We have lots of different menu options for you to choose from.

    If, however, we don’t have something that suits your taste you are more than welcome to bring your own food and self-cater.

    • If you choose to self-cater please know that we automatically supply glasses (wine, champagne, tumbler and beer / cool drink) plates (dinner plates and cake plates) cutlery (knives, forks, teaspoons and cake forks) and serviettes. As coffee and tea is also automatically included in the venue hire fee, tea / coffee cups and saucers are also included.
    • You will need to supply your own serving dishes and serving up spoons
    • Our staff on the day do not wash any dishes or utensils that has been brought in
    • We do not have any facilities to warm food or to keep food warm (If we do the catering all our food is served and kept warm in stainless steel Bain-Marie’s with gel candles under water baths).

          Not at all! We have an integrated sound system with speakers on the front patio, inside the reception area and inside the chapel (so all areas are covered). We do have a playlist that you are welcome to use. It consists of the traditional wedding march to walk down the aisle to and instrumental background music thereafter. If you would like to bring your own playlist – please do! Please just make sure that you bring it on a device that can house an Aux cable. (Smartphone, Laptop or a tablet will do. Our system does NOT connect to usb). Please note that if you supply your own playlist you will need to assign a designated person to handle the playing of correct songs at correct times (Such as the wedding march when the bride makes her entrance etc). This is normally a great job for your MC or one of the groomsmen.

          We are not liquor licenced and therefore we cannot sell or serve any alcohol. This means that you (or your guests) can bring their own. And because we are super nice we won’t charge you any corkage. Yay! For big savings.

          We set up the outside bar before your arrival with a table and glassware (champagne, wine, tumbler and beer glasses). We also supply water and juice in glass decanters on the same table. Galvanized steel baths are also available for you to use. Please remember to bring your own ice. You can put your drinks and ice down on arrival.

          Our standard décor is absolutely lovely and includes the following:

          Chapel décor: White silk flower bouquets, multicolour confetti and organza tie backs in your colour choice.

          Reception Décor: White silk roses in silver goblets on top of organza table runners. Organza chair tie backs. The tables will also be set with silver under plates, white crockery and silver cutlery.

          You can choose any combination of the available organza colours:














          Blue 1

          Blue 2




          Pets are welcome. Please just note that we cannot take responsibility for your pets. And on the same note you will be held responsible for your pet’s actions. (We have had many dogs walk their parent’s rings down the aisle – too cute! A horse – not so much!). We have 2 gates inside the venue that keeps your pets away from the parking area – they will then still be free to move around the patio, chapel and reception area.

          We have ashtrays on the front patio by the bar area. Please no smoking inside.

          Even though we don’t have allocated ramps or an allocated paraplegic bathroom our bathrooms are spacious and our venue mostly flat. There is one small step from the patio into the reception area and another step from the reception area to the 2 bathrooms. We have had many guests in wheelchairs over the past few years with no problems.

          Unfortunately this is something we cannot control. (We wish we could!). In the event of load shedding the only thing affected will be the lights and music. In the event of load shedding we have a Bluetooth speaker and LOADS of oil lanterns (this actually looks beautifully romantic).